For those who pre-ordered the LG Watch Sport, Verizon Wireless has apparently decided to cancel the wearable, providing some bad news for the week. As reported by Droid-Life, those who pre-ordered the wearable have been notified that they will no longer be able to pick up the Android Wear 2.0-based smartwatch, and that, as an alternative, they can take $100 off any other wearable the Big Red carrier offers as a consolation prize. Verizon confirmed with the original publication’s report that they had indeed cancelled the LG Watch Sport, but didn’t give an actual reason as to why they did so. As it stands right now, only AT&T is offering an LTE-connected variant of the wearable. Google has even pulled the Verizon variant of the LG Watch Sport from the Google Store, and Verizon completely removed the wearable from its store page as well. LG has yet to respond to any comment, but if you want a carrier-supported LG Watch Sport, it looked like AT&T is the only option now.