These rollouts often take a while before they hit everyone’s device, so check out Verizon’s system update page to get all the details.  Verizon’s published screenshots reveal the overall aesthetic still matches previous iterations of Touchz, but Samsung has left many of the benchmark features of llipop alone. For example, the lock screen features the shortcut to launch the dialer or camera app by swiping to the left or right.   The new multitasking screen is also here, breaking out Chrome pages apps into a vertical scroll of cards that you swipe through. Some of Samsung’s own apps also feature the floating action button at the bottom right, a trademark of ‘s new design guidelines. The ability to customize how much information notifications show on your lock screen is also there. y this matters: This Galaxy S5 is one of the most prominent devices to score llipop here in the U.S. It’s also a rather surprising development, as both Verizon Samsung are notorious for taking their sweet time with Android updates. After HTC said it was delaying getting llipop out to its carrier versions of the M7 M8, it’s refreshing to see another flagship device join the llipop party.