Verizon today launched the Galaxy Note Edge on its network. The phablet will be available on Verizon’s network from today itself for $399 on a two-year contract. You can also buy the handset outright for $799 if you are not too keen on entering into a two year-contract with the Big Red. The Galaxy Note Edge has been available on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint’s network from mid-November of last year. While AT&T is also asking $399 for the device on a two-year contract, you can grab the Note Edge for $100 less if you choose to go with Sprint’s Now network. The Galaxy Note Edge is largely similar to the Galaxy Note 4 except for its unique 5.6-inch display that extends to its right edge. Samsung has also released the appropriate SDK for developers to extend and make use of the edge screen in their apps. It was only earlier this week that U.S Cellular launched the Galaxy Note Edge on its network as well.