Last week, Motorola unveiled the Moto Z and Moto Z Force with Moto Mod support. These mods help in improving the functionality of the handset using modules that connect to the back of the phone using some pins and strong magnets.

While Motorola showed off some impressive Moto Mods for the handsets, including one that added projector functionality to the handsets, it did not reveal the price of any of them. Verizon, thankfully, has done what Motorola did not. The carrier has gone ahead and leaked the prices of Moto Mods through its ‘My Verizon Mobile’ app. The JBL Soundboost mod and the Insta-Share projector have been priced at $79.99 and $299, respectively. The latter is definitely on the higher side, though it is adding a portable projector to the Moto Z — a functionality that you cannot add to any other smartphone in the market right now, even if money is not a problem for you. Other Moto Mod prices that were revealed include the TUMI Style Shell for $69.99; TUMI Power Pack for $89.99; TUMI Wireless Charging Pack for $99.99; and the Kate Spade New York Style Shell for $69.99. Some of the Moto Mods are definitely priced on the higher side, especially the power banks one. However, I don’t think the Insta-Share projector and the JBL Soundboost are overpriced, especially when you compare them with the the various ‘Friends’ of LG G5 and the limited functionality they add. What do you think?