Looks like Christmas has arrived early for DROID Ultra, Maxx and Mini owners on Verizon’s network. The carrier today announced that it will start rolling out the Android 4.4 KitKat update for its latest line-up of DROID handsets in phases. Verizon and Motorola were the first OEM to update a non-Nexus Android device — the Moto X — to Android 4.4 KitKat, even before Google managed to roll out the update to the Nexus 4. Verizon has always been blamed for slow software updates so it comes as a surprise, as well as a shock, to see the carrier update its devices to KitKat so quickly.

— Verizon Wireless (@VZWnews) December 19, 2013 The KitKat update will bring quite a lot of goodies to these devices including immersive mode, improved camera app and performance, FitBit support and updated and “enhanced” bloatware like DROID ZAP 2.0. Verizon has already posted the documentation for the update over at their website, if you want to know the full change-log. The update is being rolled-out in phases so it won’t show up instantly on your phone, but chances are your Droid will be running KitKat by the time Christmas arrives.