To make up for the wait, it’ll come with Android 5.1, the latest llipop flavor that just announced on Monday. Verizon says the phone will also support  “Advanced Calling” capabilities, which enables HD voice the ability to use data while having a phone conversation on the carrier’s network. If you have a Nexus device you’ll eventually get Android 5.1, as it’s begun the slow rollout to the rest of ’s devices.  Verizon is also throwing in six months of access to ay Music, the same deal offered if you buy the Nexus 6 through the ay Store. After the trial period it’s $9.99 per month to continue ’s streaming service. The impact on you: If you’ve been waiting for a chance to score ’s latest flagship on Verizon, now’s your chance. You’ll have to wait a few more days to get your hs on a floor model, you should definitely try it out before buying; the Nexus 6 is definitely only for those who are okay with the tradeoffs that come with such a massive phone.