The giveaway is part of a promotion that encourages people to start using Android y, which is essentially the Android version of mobile payments. Any Verizon customer with a postpaid plan who has an Android y-compatible phone will get 1GB of free data the next time they use ’s mobile payment platform. Use it another two times, for a total of three separate purchases, Verizon will throw in another gigabyte of free data. Once you’ve got the data freebie, Verizon says you’ll be able to use it across two billing cycles. The offer ends on ne 14. Android y works with phones running KitKat 4.4 or higher requires NFC—a feature that is built into many modern smartphones. y this matters: Verizon’s new promotion appears to be part of ’s Android y rewards program. Both Apple want people to switch from swiping credit cards to tapping their phones at payment terminals across the country. Incentives like free data should push a good number of people to try Android y with the hope they’ll continue tapping their phones at cash registers long after the rewards stop. Currently, Android y is available at 1.5 million locations across the United States, including McDonald’s, Foot cker, GameStop, et’s Coffee & Tea, Staples, Subway, ole Foods.