The locked down bootloader of the Verizon Pixel and Pixel XL was already a good enough reason to not buy the handset directly from the Big Red carrier in the United States. Making matters worse, Google has now confirmed to 9to5Google that it will be directly handling software updates for the handset instead of Google.

A throwback to the Galaxy Nexus days, this essentially means that the Verizon-branded Pixel and Pixel XL will not get major Android updates at the same time as the unlocked Pixel variants that will be sold through Google Store and other retailers. Google, however, will handle security updates for the handset so you can at least expect that to be rolled out regularly and timely to the device. One of the key reasons for buying the Pixel for anyone should be the promise of getting Android updates quickly from Google itself. However, since the carrier itself will handle updates for the Pixel units sold through it, expect them to be delayed by at least a month or two. Verizon, after all, is known for delaying software updates to major Android devices. If you are really considering buying a Pixel or Pixel XL, just buy it from Google Store where you get attractive financing options as well. The unlocked version of the handset will work across all major carriers in the United States including Verizon.