After AT&T backed out of a deal with Huawei, which would see the second-largest wireless carrier in the United States selling the flagship Mate 10 Pro, things looked pretty bleak for the smartphone manufacturer’s plans for U.S. expansion. Indeed, the U.S. government does not seem happy with the idea that Huawei could sell smartphones in the United States, and has been reported to be leaning into AT&T to sever all times with the company altogether. And now, Bloomberg reports that Verizon is also being pressured to avoid any kind of partnership with Huawei. The report indicates that Huawei was planning on launching the Mate 10 Pro under Verizon’s network umbrella sometime this year, but that won’t be happening. It’s a situation that’s similar to AT&T, in that the U.S. government put pressure on Big Red to make sure that they didn’t sell any Huawei smartphones. As it stands right now, with only Sprint and T-Mobile the only carriers worth making a deal with, it’s not looking very positive for Huawei. The company has had its eyes set on the U.S. market for quite some time, as it has such a large international footprint that the U.S. is basically the last bit of uncharted territory. But it doesn’t look like the U.S. government is going to let that happen.