Unfortunately it’s not so easy for many who are low income. Oftentimes, the ability to get online is a luxury that’s simply too expensive. That also goes for a number of veterans who come home, unable to find housing or work. And of course the internet isn’t just about staying connected with others. For many companies, the only way to apply for jobs is online. Looking for housing? It’s the same. Do you have children? Then you’ve probably seen at least a few instances where homework assignments relied solely on internet access. One internet service provider has been working for years to lessen that burden. Earlier this week, their program that helps alleviate the price of internet access was expanded to another part of the population: veterans of the U.S. armed forces.

The Internet Essentials program

Comcast’s Internet Essentials program is not new. In 2011, Comcast created the program as a way to give online access to children in low-income households for just $10 a month. It was a success and expanded to additional groups, now reaching about 6 million people across the country. And now, the program is getting even larger. In Portland, Oregon, earlier this week, in conjunction with Veterans Day, Comcast announced the expansion of the Internet Essentials program to include more than 1 million veterans. Bonus: Cord cutting now hitting home internet service for these cheaper options “They’ve been in the service. They’ve been away for a couple of years. They come back, and many of them don’t have homes,” David L. Cohen, senior executive vice president and chief diversity officer of the Comcast Corporation, explained to Digital Trends. “Homelessness in the veteran popular is disproportionate to that population. They may be coming to a strange community, they may not have a job, so they don’t have income.”

— Comcast (@comcast) November 12, 2018

Are you an eligible veteran?

In order to qualify for Internet Essentials, you can check out the eligibility checklist and apply here. Once approved, veterans can also get a desktop or laptop computer for $149.99 plus tax, which includes Microsoft Office.