Gundotra wrote a heartfelt farewell post on hisDave Besbris, who currently serves as vice president of engineering. Curiously, the position won’t be filled by current + product head ley Horowitz, who has worked on + since its inception. Besbris has a lot of catching up to do to Gundotra, who is well known for his heavy online presence penchant for posting his own personal photos for all to see. at does that mean for + exactly? tely, the service has transcended into more than just a social network, with the service pushed as your identity for a number of services, like YouTube. It seems unlikely that would veer far from the path it’s on now, especially considering that it’s what grants users access to a number of free -hosted features, like group video chats through Hangouts a photo locker with otos. Maybe we’ll find out at the I/O Developer’s Conference in late ne. For now, isn’t speaking cidly on the matter.  There’s no word on where Gundotra is heading next, but he seems optimistic about his future. “Now is the time for a new journey,” he wrote. “I am excited about what’s next.”