The attack began when the five men entered the store and began to wander casually for a few minutes. Shortly thereafter, they began tearing up 21 iPhone 8 and iPhone X devices from their counters before fleeing the scene. The incident occurred at 20:20 last Friday. “Agents from Suffolk County and the Second Suffolk County Police Squad are seeking help from the public to identify and locate people who stole goods from a Huntington Station store earlier this month. The men grabbed the phones from a display table and ran out of the shop. The men were all wearing knit coats and hooded sweaters,” police said in a statement.

Here’s the video of Apple Store assault:-

The image shows the men stepping into the store quietly under the guise of customers as they approach the devices on display. A member of the Apple team at the store holds an iPad and tries to “watch” the men, without alarm he notices that the individuals spread through the various display tables.

The clerk was attending genuine customers while the thieves went from desk to desk assessing the material exposed. As Apple Stores are often targeted by criminals. The most significant theft of Apple devices occurred in 2012 when $1.5 million in iPads were stolen from New York’s JFK airport. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.