ASUS, the company that invented the netbook and the Android tablet that can turn into a full blown laptop, just posted a one minute video to YouTube that’s the very definition of artsy fartsy. It’s all about the never ending passage of time and how one doesn’t grow unless they innovate, which is pretty much the reality for every company out there.

Now at the end of the video it says something is going to happen on June 6th, the first day of Computex. Considering that’s a show where Intel is going to announce their new chips, I’m inclined to believe that they’re going to show off a new tablet that uses Intel’s new wares. The boys over at PhoneArena think that ASUS is going to announce a higher end version of the Fonepad, and that it’ll have a higher resolution screen and be able to dock into a keyboard, transforming it to a laptop.

I’m down with that rumor, but I can’t help but think there’s got to be something more. ASUS loves to demo crazy new features, similar to Samsung. Unlike Samsung, though, the stuff ASUS shows off tends to be hardware centric. Anyone remember the stylus that’s also a Bluetooth headset? June 6th is officially less than a month away, so chances are we’ll see a leak or two before the grand unveil. Of course it would be nicer if that didn’t happen, but you know how supply chains work.