A security researcher has now shown in a video that how a hacker can punch an ATM, hook up a cable, and infect the ATM machine with malware to get free money. In recent years many reports and cases of ATM machines have been invaded appeared. Banks have been taking care of each of the schemes but in fact, most ATM boxes continue to work with the outdated Windows XP system, making them highly vulnerable to attack. This demonstration by Positive Technologies, which the BBC showed in the video we are about to see, requires the hacker to drill a small hole in the machine with an inch drill, remove a USB cable and physically infect the ATM machine with malware. While not the most delicate of the attacks, it is practical, according to Leigh-Anne Galloway, a security expert at Positive Technologies. As we see in the video, the simple question “what’s inside the machine [ATM],” Galloway replied, “this is just a normal computer … it’s just a safe with a computer on top.” After a few minutes, with the hack already perpetrated, the machine makes that familiar sound of an electronic box counting the money to be delivered to the client. Later after few seconds, the machine “spit” an amount of £20.

— BBC Click (@BBCClick) July 25, 2017

Multi-purpose malware

Of course nowadays, and with access to the machine that has several other valences, the malware can be used to collect credit and debit card information as well, and can spread throughout an ATM network, Galloway said.

Safety recommendations

Whether you are within our borders or anywhere in the world, always keep in mind where you raise money. Go to machines that are in busy places, but with the proper privacy. Well lit places, to verify that the machine does not have some “loose” structures, mainly in the card reader. Always look for an ATM machine that has a surveillance camera and preferably within the banking institutions, at the airport or near the hotel where you will be staying. If any machine has signs of being “broken in” or has signs of structural damage, avoid and look for another. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.