Spotify, popularly known for its music streaming service, today confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that it will start rolling out its video service to consumers later this week. The company will first roll out video content for its Android users this week and follow it up with a roll out for iOS users by late next week. Video streaming content on Spotify will only be available to its users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden. As for content, Spotify has lined up a bunch of content from providers like ESPN, Comedy Central, BBC, Vice Media, ABC, TBS, Fusion and Maker Studios. Spotify had rolled out video content to less than 10 percent of its users in the four markets mentioned above for beta testing over the last several months. Spotify will not be competing with YouTube or Netflix with the roll out of video content on its network though. Instead, video content on Spotify will be more like short clips or snippets, with only some content providers developing original and music-focused content for it. Oh, and Spotify does not expect to make money by offering video content, at least for now. For now, all video content on Spotify will be free of ads, with the company looking at videos as a way to increase its user base.