When LG announced their new flagship phone, the G2, earlier this month, one of the new features was a screen that had two physical connectors. Basically, in order to reduce the bezels on the sides of the panel, LG split the panel’s connector into two parts. The top part controls the top part of the screen, the bottom part controls the bottom part of the screen. The video below, recorded by an LG G2 owner in Korea (where the phone is on sale), demos the touch panel that’s not working correctly.

Could this be an isolated incident? Maybe. If the G2 acted this bad during the company’s press event, we would have all heard about it. The fact that this is happening on a retail unit concerns me, but then again this is the only report that’s surfaced.

When does the G2 go on sale in other markets? Supposedly during the next few weeks, but that’s about all I can say. All four of America’s big operators will have the G2, but none of them have announced a date or a price.