Full disclosure: This doorbell will require the wires and chime connections from your old doorbell, so don’t get rid of those to make way for this smart one. You also may want to opt for professional installation, but these upfront quirks shouldn’t scare you away from the perks of this amazing doorbell. Featured in our picks for best doorbells, the Eufy Security Wi-Fi video doorbell offers a 2K HD resolution with a 2560 x 1920 quality. Because it’s a video doorbell, it responds in real time and you can speak to whoever is on the other side via a two-way audio channel. AI technology will also detect body shape and face pattern so you will be alerted only when people are on the property – not cats, dogs, or the stray raccoon. And with eight different chimes, you can customize your in-person alerts to your preferences, too. The best part about this particular doorbell is that while most doorbells require a paid subscription, this one has zero hidden costs. You will only pay for the doorbell. All storage is done locally on a plug-in, so you can access it at any time. With over 10,000 reviews and an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars, it’s a great addition to keep your home safe. It also made our list of best video doorbells you can buy, too.