When smartphones started becoming a thing, no one could have predicted the rapid rise of the mobile gaming market. Large game publishers such as Electronic Arts are frankly stunned at how much money their mobile division is generating, and poor Nintendo, they’re slashing their forecasts. Which brings me to Google Glass. It’s a totally new platform, which means games need to be written for it. One would think that a company like Rovio would be the first to make a game for Glass, but nope, Google went ahead and made their own.

Now granted, the five titles you see in the video above can hardly be compared to the likes of Angry Birds and Temple Run, but that’s not the point. Developers will need to work with the limitations of Glass and come up with something new. Google is merely pointing said developers in the right direction. So what happens next? Google needs to popularize Glass, which means releasing a polished product that’s semi-affordable. Right now, Glass costs $1500, and it barely lasts eight hours on a charge. We’re going to need full day battery life and a 50% reduction in price before we can have a serious conversation about Glass becoming a mainstream product. Will Google be the sole maker of Glass in much the same way that Apple is the sole maker of iPhones? That remains to be seen. One could argue that Android was both a success and a failure. Success in that eight out of ten smartphones sold run Google’s OS, but a failure because Google barely has control of the platform, and thus the user experience. As is always the case, let’s wait and see what happens.