However, the process to even achieve such a simple level of home automation required a proxy server, other hacks and lots of moolah. Thanks to the openness of Android, we have seen home automation reach an all new level, without requiring some uber-geeky hacks. We all must have seen quite a few YouTube videos that show some simple home automation using an Android device. Well, how about controlling everything in your home, that is technically possible, with simple voice commands to your phone? Armando Ferriera managed to do just that and has uploaded a video on YouTube that will make your jaw drop on the floor!

The above video clearly shows the power of Android as an OS, thanks largely due its openness and developer support. It also shows how much Google’s voice engine is ahead of its competition with top-notch voice recognition and the ability to assign custom actions to a specific voice command. Whatever the video shows is clearly possible with today’s technology, but is too costly and too complex for an average joe to even think about. Hopefully, Google will get the ball rolling with its [email protected] project. The company had shown demos of [email protected] back in the 2011 Google I/O, but things have been pretty quiet since then on this front.