Phones break. It’s a sad fact of life. Most sane people typically take their broken smartphone to the place where they purchased their device, but some folks are a bit more adventurous and have no problem handling a screwdriver. Max Lee is just such an individual.

He produced a 16 minute video showing how you can take apart a Samsung Galaxy S4 and then put it back together again. I’m not going to lie to you, I tuned out after less than a minute because this is something I’d never do, for multiple reasons. One, I don’t have the right tools, and I’m not in the mood to go to a hardware store to buy a screwdriver that I’ll use one, maybe two times, and then lose it in the back of a kitchen drawer. Two, taking your phone apart voids your warranty. If you have a warranty, you shouldn’t take your phone apart. Period. Why risk breaking your phone when you’re entitled to a repair? Three, if you broke your phone, and it’s sufficiently old enough, why not just buy a new one? Sometimes a smartphone breaking is an opportunity for you to buy that new Galaxy or HTC device you’ve been eyeballing for the past few weeks. No reason to feel guilty about buying it either since you have a genuine reason to upgrade. With that out of the way, I know some of you like these kind of videos, so enjoy.