Recently, we told you about the possible date that was being considered for the celebration of the tech giant Apple’s WWDC, the developer conference in which not only iOS 12 would be presented, but also there is the possibility of presenting the new iPhone SE 2.

This would be the design of the iPhone SE 2, according to a new concept

Videos with new mobile concepts are quite common in the industry, and allow us to get an idea of what a new terminal might look like at the time of its presentation, or how its design would be based on the rumours known up to that moment. Well, now we have known a concept that imagines the design of the iPhone SE 2, the compact phone presented by the tech giant Apple almost two years ago. And if we stick to this concept made by Gunho Lee.

In it, we can see a terminal that basically reinforces the rumours that we have been hearing in recent months. These indicate that the entire range of iPhone will adopt the design of the iPhone X this year, and in the case of the iPhone SE 2 as you can see is exactly what we see in the video. In fact, it is a kind of mini iPhone X. If we imagine an iPhone X with a 4-inch screen this is precisely the result we will get. As you can see the Notch is preserved on the top of the screen, as well as the thin edges on all sides and on the top and bottom of the screen. Of course, the differential feature in the design of this iPhone SE 2 is the camera, which instead of being dual and vertical as in the original model, is simple, from a single sensor and located in the corner of the back, as in the first iPhone SE. Without a doubt, it would be the most logical evolution of the iPhone SE, although of course there may still be the possibility of the tech giant Apple offering it in a more conservative design since it is a much cheaper device than the iPhone X. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.