Phone Arena, for as long as I’ve been reading them, has always been one of the first websites to get hardware in for review. How do they do it? I wish I knew, especially since they’re based in Bulgaria, which isn’t exactly known as a country that has early access to devices. With that in mind, here’s their nine minute video review of Samsung’s Galaxy S4. There’s also a four page written review on their website, but I feel that the video is more comprehensive.

The video in a nutshell: Great improvements compared to last year’s model. The camera is awesome, especially the “dual-shot” feature where you can record what the front and rear facing cameras see. The screen is sharp, but it’s not as bright as what the competition offers. Having the latest version of Android installed feels wonderful. When will other websites publish their respective GS4 reviews? Knowing how this industry works, there’s an embargo date that everyone has to agree to in order to get a phone in for testing. Considering that the GS4 is supposed to launch in the UK on April 26th, I’d say that the embargo will lift one or two days before that. It helps build the hype.