It feels just like yesterday when Samsung announced the 4.3 inch Galaxy S II and the tech media went absolutely mental, calling it a gigantic device. We all know what happened next. The 4.8 inch Galaxy S III was launched a year later, and now the GS4 sports a 5 inch panel. We saw the same evolution happen with the Galaxy Note, the first one being 5.3 inches, the current model being 5.5 inches, and there are rumors saying we’ll see a 5.9 inch model come out this fall.

But Samsung being Samsung, they wanted to go even bigger, so they announced the Mega family. The Mega 5.8 gets almost no attention, mainly because it has a qHD resolution (960 x 540 pixel) screen, but the bigger brother, the Mega 6.3, is what turns heads. Its not only due to its size, but because the screen pushes 720p.

As the model number suggests, the Mega 6.3 has a 6.3 inch display. Surely that’s impossible to fit inside your pocket, right? Well, no. According to a video produced by the UK operator Three, the Mega 6.3 has no problems slipping inside a jeans pocket. Curiously, their test didn’t include people trying to sit down. That’s the tricky part. For me, I can easily fit my Note II inside my pocket, sit down, and take it out, but I can forget about putting it back in my trousers. I have to stand up for that.