While I’m not 100% Apple started this, they were once of the first companies to create origin story type videos for their products. You’ve seen them. Several Apple employees, staring fiercely into the lens of a camera, telling you about the work and craftsmanship that went into creating the new iWhatever. In said video, there would be scenes of said do-hickey being assembled, tested, what have you. Everyone makes those videos now, and here’s the one LG made for the G2.

First observation, the subtitles go by far too fast during the first half of the video, then the seemingly crawl along during the second half. As someone who has been living abroad for over half a decade, I have zero issues with content that has subtitles, but didn’t anyone see that the pacing was just off? Second observation, there’s not enough “meat” in the video. A good minute is spent saying that customers want thinner phones, faster phones, and phones that feel better in the hand. Who could’ve guessed! And for the final observation, the ending has LG’s old corporate slogan: Life’s good. In early August, LG announced that their new company motto is “It’s all possible“. Why wasn’t that in the video? I harp on LG only because I want them to do better. They have all the ingredients to make a product that can make everyone stop checking their email, stand up, and applaud, but they stumble ever so slightly each and every time.