LG’s marketing campaigns get weirder and weirder over time. First there was that G2 product launch in South Korea that sent a double digit number of people to the hospital. And now there’s Kiev. LG took over the Ukrainian capital, hired a bunch of “dancers”, and made them perform several skits in the middle of the street while music from the Viennese boys choir was rumbling in the background.

Why Ukraine? That’s something I struggle to understand. Does LG think they have a shot at capturing the Eastern European market because they’ve already admitted to themselves that they’ve lost Western Europe? Are dancers cheaper in the Ukraine compared to dancers in France or the UK? Why the Viennese boys choir? Because every LG G2 will come with several ringtones made by them. As odd as that sounds (no pun intended), LG thinks people want to listen to choice music when their phone rings or receives a new email. I used to think Samsung phones had the worst ringtones on the planet, but nope, LG just one-upped their fiercest competitor. This video withstanding, should you even buy the G2? As always, wait for the reviews to come out. Several people I know who are currently testing the G2 say the hardware is amazing, but that the software leaves a lot to be desired. Wait a few weeks, read a few reviews, then come to your own conclusion. Personally, I’m waiting for the Note 3.