My main SIM card is sitting inside a Nokia Lumia 620, so technically I kind of have to care about what’s going on in Microsoft land. Last night the company uploaded a new ad for their mobile operating system to YouTube, and the response thus far has been tremendous. People say it’s some of the company’s best work, and I fully agree with that sentiment.

But does an ad being good creatively mean that it’ll be effective in terms of increasing sales? I have my doubts. Now for those of you reading this article in a place where watching a video on your phone might be either inappropriate or inconvenient, here’s the basic idea. There’s a couple getting married in a packed church. On one side of the church there’s a whole bunch of iPhone owners, on the other side there’s the Samsung Galaxy folks. One person from the Galaxy side takes a photo with his Note II, which causes someone from the iPhone side to crack a joke about the phone. The two sides then start verbally abusing each other, and things get so bad that an all out fight breaks begins. At the end of the ad, two people, hired to cater the event, just play with their Windows Phones and wonder if the two families would have bothered having a fight if they knew about the OS.