An interesting way, seen now in video, is technology like AirDrop, which allowed a pilot to send images from his iPhone to another airplane at 35,000 feet. The images that we will see below undoubtedly demonstrate a fantastic technological piece.

AirDrop at 35,000 feet … it works!

Taking direct wireless peer-to-peer transfers to new heights, a new video shows the tech giant Apple’s AirDrop technology being used to send photos taken from one airplane to another, in mid-flight at 35,000 feet. A YouTube post shows a pilot communicating from the 35,000 feet with the other Singapore Airlines aircraft at 36,000 feet in the vicinity. The pilot photographs the airplane that flies in the plane above and sends the images on the plane to the pilot of that airplane, via iPhone, confirming by radio that the images are received. This YouTube channel, LouB747, contains many other videos on commercial aviation. The physics of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are a little different in altitude, with no obstacles that interfere beyond the fuselage of the aircraft.

A thousand feet away is it possible to have data transfer?

While data published by the tech giant Apple over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi point to a range of 30 meters, both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have significantly longer ranges at ground level, even with obstacles. Presumably, thinner air, a line of sight, and lack of RF shielding significantly increased the reach of this technology at this altitude. Despite the fact that it is not yet possible to confirm the Singapore Airlines plane, that the files have actually arrived, the truth is that there are pilots who say that it is nothing that is not done with some normality and frequency, stating that this Technology really works. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.