Samsung’s beautiful new flagships, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, are slowly making their way into the hands of consumers across the world. A Galaxy S8 unit also made it into the hands of YouTuber JerryRig Everything who promptly did a durability test on it, which involved a scratch, burn, and bend testing.

In the scratch test, the glass used on the Galaxy S8 performed in the same way as the original unit, with a 6 Mohs hardness razor unable to scratch the display. This is also in line with other smartphones.

As for the fingerprint scanner, it can be easily scratched, though that does not seem to affect its functionality in any way. In the test that involved exposing the Galaxy S8’s screen to fire, the display fared particularly better than previous AMOLED panels. On the Galaxy S7, a part of the AMOLED panel permanently turned white after being exposed to fire for 10 seconds. On the Galaxy S8 though, the AMOLED panel turned white only after 30 seconds but it was only temporary in nature as the display started working fine just after. The metal edges of the handset did not fare well in the scratch test and scratched pretty easily, but its functionality was not affected in any way. As for the ultimate bend test, the Galaxy S8 performed extremely well and did not bend at all. This speaks volumes about the build quality of the handset — not only does it look beautiful, it is super sturdy as well.