Companies love making aspirational videos. You know the kinds of videos I’m talking about, the ones that show shooting stars, children laughing, and a perfect world that you can only reach by opening up your wallet and buying whatever new widget they’re trying to sell you.

Samsung has just produced such a video, and it’s live on their YouTube channel. It’s roughly four minutes long and it shows an army of Samsung employees trying to convince you that the design process for the GS4 was an incredibly intense effort that required levels of creative talent that the human race has yet to know are achievable.

Why I am sharing it here? So you know how to watch out for this stuff. Samsung, and other phone makers, want you to have an emotional connection with their devices. Because if you treat a smartphone like just another commodity, then you’ll buy the smartphone with the biggest feature list for the lowest price tag. This video, for lack of a better words, is public relations propaganda. And friends don’t let friends get fooled by this sort of lovey dovey wishy washy content.