This advertising work mocks the recent launch of the iPhone X, the tech giant Apple’s flagship phone, which has surprised with its features, functions and also its high price. The material uploaded to YouTube consists of a review of the competition history between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy over the last decade. Among other things, the video points out details such as, traditionally, the Samsung Galaxy line has offered phones with larger screens or the fact of having introduced waterproof equipment before the tech giant Apple did with their iPhones. If the image in which the elimination of the port of traditional hearing aids from the iPhone 7 is parodied -the subject of wide debate- is already fluent, the ending of the video ends up being even more so. In that sequence, a man with a haircut clearly inspired the upper segment of iPhone X, observes the protagonist with a rather curious look as he lines up outside an Apple store. It is not the first time that the South Korean giant Samsung uses advertising of this type and, for the time being, it seems that it will not be the last. Obviously, followers of the brand of the tech giant Apple did not take long to respond, remembering the explosions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, episode that gave rise to an infinity of memes and parodies, in addition to severely damaging the reputation of the South Korean brand. Other more neutral YouTube users pointed out that both companies had very good devices, so there was no point in living comparing the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy at every moment.

The fights of fans of Samsung and Apple are recurrent on the Internet and a few years ago the tech giant Microsoft also made fun of it in a commercial of its Nokia Lumia 920. After all, in such a large industry, there are teams for all tastes. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.