Samsung’s marketing machine has just published the first two 60 second ads for the Galaxy Gear that will start airing in countries all over the world. They’re a new kind of advertising from the Korean handset maker, something we’ve never seen before. They don’t spend half the ads making fun of a competitor, they don’t demonstrate the device’s capabilities, instead, they focus on the past. Here’s what the Dick Tracy watch looks like. The Flinstones watch. The Jetsons watch. The Knightrider watch. All the fictitious watches we all remember growing up get some screen time, and then, there she is. The Gear. Some people are pretty pissed off by these ads because they copy the same ad style that Apple used back in 2007 to introduce the world to the iPhone. And you know, they’re right, the Samsung ads have obviously been inspired by Apple’s ad, but that Apple ad is six years old. If that really upsets you, that Samsung copies Apple’s commercials, I don’t really know what to tell you.

The real complaint I have with the ads is that they fill your head with fantasies of what the watch can do, when in reality it’s just a camera on your wrist that buzzes whenever you get a text message. There’s little doubt in my mind that by the time Apple introduces their watch, Samsung will already be on the Gear 3, but I can’t help but think that Samsung is lying to people with this one.