Christmas is just two weeks away, which means you’re going to get absolutely plastered with ads from companies trying to convince you that if you don’t buy their newest widgets, you’ll end up feeling lonely, depressed, and out of touch with mainstream culture. So with those cheery holiday thoughts in the back of your mind, check out Samsung’s new ad for their smart watch, the Galaxy Gear. Now why exactly is Santa talking to an auditorium full of elves as if he was trying to sell them a slicer, dicer, and a glass full of purple punch? Your guess is as good as mine. It’s a shame, really, because I’ve been using the Gear for just over a week now, and it’s a product that deserves far better. With the latest software, the Gear easily lasts at least three days. And the whole notification situation has been fixed. Not once has my Gear told me to look at my phone to read a notification, instead it just displayed the notification on my wrist, perfectly. Should you buy a Gear this Christmas? Rumor has it that a new one will come out during Q1 2014. Tentatively called the Gear II, it’s said to be 20% thinner than the original, though not much else is known about it. The $300 price tag of the Gear is hard to swallow, I’ll admit that much, and I would never cough up that amount of dough for the product in its current state.