After the staging of Windows 10, the Redmond firm has proposed to create a whole “universe” focused on this latest version of Windows where all kinds of applications and cross-platform services are included and that work on all types of devices in a synchronized manner. This is at least one of the main objectives of the company, something that little by little is achieving. But of course, in parallel to all the new functions that come gradually, something that can not be forgotten by the company based in Redmond, of course, the tech giant Microsoft is everything related to the user interface of the system, something that has also gone renewing. In fact, for a few months now there has been talk of the new design Fluent Design that the tech giant Microsoft is introducing both in the operating system itself, as UWP applications and platforms that work in it. However, if we continue with the section of the Windows 10 user interface, it should be mentioned that for many the tech giant Microsoft is about to make available to everyone one of the biggest changes in this regard since Windows 95 was launched. Specifically, we talk about the Sets function, a characteristic that the brand itself has already presented officially for the members of the Insider program, so everything indicates that it will soon reach the whole world.

Sets will change the concept of using Windows 10

In fact, it is expected to be available in the future Redstone 4 update of Windows 10 that will be released in the spring of 2019. Well, with Sets it is very likely that our current way of working with the tech giant Microsoft system will change to a great extent since with all of this we intend to make use of the formerly successful tabs that have done so much good to Internet browsers. Internet that we use today. In this way what is intended is to increase both productivity and convenience when working with Windows, all through a new multi-window interface centred on the mentioned tabs.

In this way, users can open, for example, a new tab in the window of the application that we are using at that moment, something that will be effective in many applications and services of the system itself, as well as in the UWP. Thus, we will have the possibility to include everything related to the same task in different sections separated by tabs, that is, as what we do in web browsers, but extensible to the rest of Windows 10 platforms and tools. What is certain is that with this launch, the way of working with applications and services in the tech giant Microsoft system will change substantially for everyone. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.