You’re familiar with the television series “Mad Men”, right? I admit, I stopped watching after the first season ended, but I’ll never forget one of the few episodes I watched. The head of a tobacco company asked the Mad Men (translation: 1950s marketing people) how they should improve their image. When the Mad Men suggested highlighting the fact that their tobacco is toasted, the tobacco guy was confused since all tobacco companies have to toast their tabaco before sticking it inside a cigarette. The Mad Men replied by saying normal people don’t know anything about cigarette making, so whenever they hear roasted, they’ll think of that particular tabacco brand.

Which brings me to this video that just showed up on Samsung’s YouTube channel. It’s in Korean, and it shows the Galaxy S4 taking a significant beating. The testing is done in a laboratory environment, and the company emphasizes that you shouldn’t try any of this at home.

Watching the video makes you think Samsung is the only company that has such a testing facility, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here, check out this Nokia video from four years ago:

Know this: Some marketing guy made this to show people that Samsung care about quality. In reality, Samsung needs to do these tests so they don’t have to deal with customers returning their products.