Google unveiled Android Wear a couple of months back with LG and Motorola announcing their smartwatches based on it, on the very same day. However, little is known about what features Android Wear will offer and how its UI will look and function. Today, thanks to the folks over AppDated, we finally get to have our first look at Android Wear in action on a smartwatch. They somehow managed to get their hands on the LG G Watch and have recorded a detailed video showing off the watch and Android Wear running on it. The video shows that users can view and control some mundane stuff from an Android Wear smartwatch like turning on Airplane mode, checking the battery level, putting the phone in silent, setting alarms and viewing their calendar appointments. It also gives us a look at a watch face and how to access them. The G Watch is obviously running a pre-production firmware so it is very well possible that LG and Google will be adding more features (or even remove them) before the product finally hits the shelves. AppDated also shows off the LG G Watch in all its glory. Keep in mind though, that this a prototype version of the Watch and final retail unit might incorporate some design changes. The LG G Watch is expected to be released something within the next couple of months while Motorola’s Moto 360 is scheduled to be released sometime later this summer. Update: The video seems to have been taken down, you can still watch it at the link below: