Xiaomi’s beautiful concept phone Mi Mix went on sale in limited quantities in China earlier this month. The breathtaking design of the phone has made it a talking point among consumers, even those who live outside of China. While many people would love to get their hands on the Mi Mix, the limited availability and quantity don’t help things.

And then there’s YouTuber JerryRigEverything who has managed to get his hands on the Mi Mix and has promptly put it through his bend and scratch test. The Mi Mix features a ceramic body, which is a rarity among smartphones that are available in the market today. The scratch test reveals that the strength of the 2.5D curved Gorilla Glass protecting the 6.44-inch screen on the front is on par with other smartphones featuring a Gorilla Glass display.

It’s the rear though where things get really interesting. The Mi Mix’s ceramic body managed to reach a level 8 on Jerry’s scratch Mohs level scratch test before scratches started showing up on its body. This is very impressive especially since very few things that we use in real life can have such a level of hardness. For comparison, the Jet Black iPhone 7 can be easily scratched by keys or pennies which fail to damage the ceramic body of the Mi Mix. In fact, the glossy body of the Mi Mix is even more glossy than the Jet Black finish on the new iPhones. The fingerprint scanner and buttons are also made of ceramic that make it resistant to scratches. In the bend test, the Mi Mix once again performed impressively and managed to pass the test without snapping into half. The clasps holding the back panel did give away from one point, but they were easy to put back into place. What do you think about the Mi Mix’s performance in JerryRigEverything’s scratch and bend test?