Two videos were uploaded to HTC’s YouTube channel over the weekend. They’re ads for the company’s Sense 5 skin, specifically the feature known as “BlinkFeed”. For those not aware of the feature, think of it like Flipboard integrated into your home screen. So when you unlock the phone, the first thing you see is news. Sounds like a great concept, but there’s no way to add your own sources, plus most people are used to seeing icons and widgets.

Luckily, you can disable BlinkFeed, kind of, simply by telling it not to show you any news items. Then, you can tell Sense to make your default home screen the one that doesn’t have BlinkFeed installed. You can’t actually turn BlinkFeed off unfortunately, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But enough about me, let’s get to the ads. They show people kicking up huge piles of dirt as they scroll endlessly trying to find a specific piece of content. Owners of the HTC One however, they don’t have to do anything since the stuff they’re trying to find is already there. You be the judge, are these ads any good?