If you’re looking to buy an Android tablet, there’s only really one to recommend: Google’s Nexus 7. Built by ASUS, the top of the line model, with 32 GB of storage and 4G LTE, costs just $349. Half the storage and drop the SIM card slot and you’re looking at $229 for a pure Google Android experience. When I was visiting the US last month, I was shocked by the number of Nexus 7 ads I saw on the streets. Google really wants you to know about their device, and the company has just released two new ads to keep things fresh.

The first is a bit … generic. It features a bunch of people of all ages and races looking intently at their Nexus 7 tablets, trying to win a game. That’s great and all, but you could have ran the exact same ad and replace the Nexus 7 with any smartphone or tablet and it would’ve had the exact same boring tone. Controversially, I think that if you are one of these gamer types, who lives for the High Score, you really should just save your pennies for a little while longer and buy an iPad.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the first three Nexus 7 ads, but the ones above? No thanks.