Two days ago, on Saturday, Samsung uploaded a 90 second ad for the GS4 that pretty much went through every new feature of the device. Today it looks like the company forgot to demo a couple of things, namely Easy Mode and Eraser Shot.

Starting with Easy Mode, it changes your home screen to something that even grandma can figure out. The feature reminds me of Fujitsu’s Raku Raku phone for Japan’s senior citizens. It works much the same way, meaning it’s a heavily modified Android skin that makes the user interface elements large and easy to understand.

Next up is Eraser Shot. That’s a camera mode that takes multiple photos and then allows you to remove any elements in the frame that were moving. Unfortunately, you need to be in “Eraser Shot” mode to use the feature, and something tells me that most people are going to have the GS4 set to auto most of the time. While I’m not too thrilled about these new ads compared with the epic 90 second mini-movie that went live over the weekend, I’m still convinced that this phone will sell by the truck load.