To my surprise, two websites, Android Authority and MobileSyrup, have already uploaded their video reviews of Samsung’s 2013 flagship smartphone to YouTube. The former publication’s video is roughly 12 minutes long, while the latter clocks in at close to 17 minutes. Nothing in either of these videos is technically new information, but it’s nice to see in-depth videos in English for a change. I’ve already watched several GS4 video reviews in a handful of languages, most of which I’m not fluent in. There is one thing that stood out for me. It’s tiny, but it’s important. The GS4 will let you pause video recording and then resume it at a later point. In other words, you’ll be able to record a video on your GS4 in much the same fashion that you’re used to on a dedicated camcorder. No more piecing together different files at home, your phone will handle all that for you. Update: The Galaxy Note II actually supports the video recording pause/resume feature, I just didn’t notice it until now. Tip of the hat to @LSAwesome.