The new Viking model is a Silo SSD belonging to Viking’s Ultra High Capacity (UHC) product family, a range of memory units featuring a large storage space on a 3.5-inch And with a standard SAS interface. The new Silo SSD from the UHC series will be powered by a next generation flash processor with multilevel cells and will be available in two sizes: 25 TB and 50 TB. In terms of speeds, Viking Technology’s new solid-state hard drive has a sequential read speed of 500 MB/s and write speed of 300 MB/s, while the read and write speed is 60,000 IOPS and 10,000 IOPS respectively. In addition to its high capacity and technical characteristics, the UHC – Silo family also stands out for its energy efficiency. The units have been conceived with the energy saving in mind, the reason its consumption in the inactive state is only 10 watts, whereas when it is activated only it spends 16 watts. This feature increases the overall storage space per rack while decreasing consumption per terabyte. “There is no higher capacity SSD solution available today than the UHC – Silo SSD,” said Hamid Shokrgozar, president of Viking Technology. “These drives enable data center administrators to easily migrate to SSD performance, coupled with a tremendous increase in capacity. Given that space and cooling are critical to data centers, these advantages a change of game “. The price of the largest solid-state hard drive in the world is unknown at the moment. But considering that a 1 TB SSD sells for about $350, the new UHC – Silo units are sure to be cheap. So, what do you think about this new huge SSD? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.