Search the #CleanTok hashtag and you’ll find short, snappy videos showing off strange cleaning products like pink goo or bathroom power drills. The items may look strange, but the promising captions saying “Easiest clean ever!” or “I’m never going back!” may give you pause. To find out which TikTok cleaning products you can trust, we at the Komando HQ dusted off our detective gear. We honed down on a few trustworthy cleaning hacks that live up to the hype. Cut down on cleaning time and get your home sparkling with these 15 cleaning products TikTokers are (rightfully) raving about.

1. Use Pink Stuff for a fragrant cleaner

This sweet-smelling, bubblegum pink cleaner is everywhere on #CleanTok. It’s an all-purpose cleaner that’s mildly abrasive and non-toxic. It’s great for shoes, ovens, bathroom floors and more. Make sure to use a scrub brush to get the Pink Stuff all over a dirty area. Don’t clean it off too quickly since it needs time to work its magic. Wait around 10 to 30 minutes. After that, then clean the Pink Stuff off. You’ll find that all sorts of stains peel right off.

2. Got a power drill lying around? Turn it into an efficient cleaning tool with this brush set

Put these attachments over your drill to clean more quickly and efficiently than using handheld brushes. Using this set can speed up your bathroom cleaning process. It’s especially helpful when you want to clean those hard-to-reach grimy areas. The brushes in this set have different densities to match your varied cleaning needs. Some have stiffer bristles than others, for instance. You have everything you need to get into all the cracks, tiles and crevices. Overall, this set can cut down on the amount of time you usually spend cleaning. Plus, it’s more thorough than what you would do with a singular scrubber.

3. Make your floors sparkle with the Microfiber Spin Mop

This light mop carries up to six liters. It’s easy to use thanks to its foot pedal: Just step on it to work the wringer. This helpful design ensures you don’t have to use your hand to wring out all the gunk stuck in your mop. It feels very light, TikTokers say. The mop head measures around 12 inches across, and the handle is extendable so you can adjust it to match your needs. Because of its shape, you can get into the corners of your kitchen with no issue.

4. Flush your problems away with the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Gel Toilet Cleaner

Stamp one of these cleaning gel disks under your toilet rim. Yep, the application is just that easy. Plus, it smells good and lasts 12 days. You don’t have to touch or scrub, either. This tablet dissolves every time you flush to clean and freshen the bowl.

5. Clean up your cleaning setup with this soap-dispensing sponge caddy

Keep your soap directly under your sponge with this nifty kitchen tool. With a single push down, you can apply more suds. You don’t have to reach for your bottle of dish soap whenever you want to clean. It’s a tidy solution to everyday cleaning problems.

6. Fix your clothes on the go with this lint remover

We all have pets. We all need to get rid of pet hair. This is an easy, cheap solution. It can make your fabric look new thanks to its thorough cleanup job. It removes fuzz, pills and lint from clothes, blankets, curtains, carpets and more. RELATED: 19 of Kim’s favorite cleaning products

7. This mounted toothpaste holder is a game-changer

This gadget is multi-functional. It holds up to five toothbrushes on the wall and also dispenses toothpaste. It comes with five toothbrush slots, four cups for anything else and two toothpaste squeezers.

8. Cut down on cleaning time and with the Odistar Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Want to keep your workspace tidy? Check this out. This tiny desktop cleaner is super helpful. Plus, you can take it anywhere. Its nozzle picks up all sorts of debris around your computer, keyboard and more. It cleans hair and dust in different places you may have trouble reaching. Oh, and it’s quiet enough for you to sleep while it cleans.

9. Love playing outside? Use this heavy-duty hand cleaner

This “tough as mud” cleaner is perfect for anyone who likes to get their hands dirty. You don’t need to douse your hands in chemicals to get clean. This all-natural cleaner has natural ingredients, including coconut oil, olive oil and bentonite clay, so it’s great for sensitive skin.

10. Clean your home and help Mother Earth with these eco-friendly sponge cloths

This absorbent and colorful 10-pack of cleaners is perfect for wiping down any surface. Sponge cloths are a reusable, sustainable alternative to paper towels. Just wash them after use. They’re made out of cellulose and cotton, so they’re soft when wet but gritty enough to clean when dry. Oh, and they’re safe for marble, tile, wood, stainless steel, ceramics and more. Here’s another way to clean up pet hair. This roller is different from sticky rollers: It doesn’t leave any residue. It’s no wonder why this is one of the most popular TikTok cleaning products you can trust. It lasts a long time and it’s easy to clean. Just press down on the release button to empty the fur remover’s waste compartment.

12. Who’s your (Scrub) Daddy?

Despite the strange name, these dual-sided scrubbers are pretty solid. They’re super soft and absorbent. Food doesn’t get trapped on it when you’re scrubbing the dishes. This scratch-free sponge works well when you’re cleaning up after meals. It dries pretty quickly and doesn’t retain any nasty old food smells.

13. Revive old accessories with this jewelry cleaner

Never use a toothbrush or you could scrape your beautiful jewels. Instead, use this gentle and thorough cleaning stick. Its formula has a polymer base, so it cleans and polishes your jewels thoroughly and efficiently. Just wet the brush, twist the silver end until blue gel appears in the brush and gently wipe it over your jewelry. Be thorough so the cleaning agent sinks into all the crevices. Then drain your jewelry and dry it with a soft brush. It will start sparkling in no time!

14. Everyone loves the Little Green Portable Carpet Cleaner

This is a spot cleaner, meaning you use it on minor stains on your carpet or upholstery. Fill the clean water tank with water and some of the solution that comes with the vacuum. When you press the trigger on the handle, you spray water. Then you can use suction power to suck up the water. It slurps stains out of your carpet. Although it’s best for wet stains, it can also work well on all types of stains.

15. Here’s the last Tiktok cleaning product you can trust: ColorCoral Cleaning Gel

If you like the texture of clay and slime, you might like this colorful cleaning gel. It’s great for dirty cars, air conditioners, vents and other areas with hard-to-reach crevices. Plus, it’s reusable and affordable. Have you seen any of these online? If you liked this list of TikTok cleaning products you can trust, let us know on Twitter, Facebook or the Komando Community forums. We’re always interested in learning about your experiences and sharing tips!