Virtualization Right in Your Browser

Now, this field is expanding as well, in the direction of the blowing wind. Virtual machines are officially coming to tablets and smartphones. So far, we have a prototype to prove it. It’s called WSX, although the name might change in the near future, and brings virtual machines to portable devices, the software does not exclude PCs or anything that has installed a modern browser on it. WSX has been designed with the help of some creative web software – HTM Canvas or Web Sockets, being among them. The technology actually transforms your browser into a remote console that could allow you to pick up a tablet at your local tech market and in a matter of seconds be able to access your latest documents on your home computer. WSX has been tested for compatibility with Chrome, Firefox and Safari and has received the OK. It also seems to work with the Internet Explorer 10 preview.

WSX Brings the Power of Virtual Machine Inside Browsers

As for tablets, WSX has been given the green light for the iOS 5. As far for Android fans, some work on their version still needs to be done, so they will have to wait a little longer. Therefore, from now on, users will be able to work on their documents on the iPad without being anxious about losing their data. They can also enjoy playing their favorite Windows games (like Solitaire) on their iPhone. And you know what’s awesome about this tweak? You can use Windows 8 on your iPad, or your new iPad and leave everybody stunned! Remember how annoying it is when your laptop dies during the single most precious moment of your life, because you were in a hurry in the morning and forgot to bring the charger? While automatic and wireless recharging might prove to be a solution, now you can have your work live on VM so when your machine is out, you can grab the nearest notebook or tablet and just go on with it. At the moment, Workstation Tech Preview comes equipped with a Linux Installer but you need to install Workstation first. Also, the python2.6 binary is necessary for the WSX to work properly. If you are a Windows user, your version is not available yet but the team is working on it.