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Save your hardwood floors

Decorating a room involves procuring the furniture and then placing it, both of which take a lot of work. You could have a vision of the perfect setup and not realize until later that something is off. RELATED: Tech gadgets that make life at home easier Go to to get started. Begin by setting a color for floors and walls. Then use the dots to highlight pieces of furniture and change their style and color. Don’t like the dots? You can easily hide them. When you change the color of a piece, you will actually see how it reflects onto the wall. Select View Details to get more information on anything in the room. When finished, select In-room items to see your project and add to cart or save your room. We picked a couple of rooms from the tool to show what can be changed.

Refined Basement Living

Your basement can be so much more than a place to store old stuff. The Showroom tool showed us how a few pieces could transform it into a nice living space, labeled Refined Basement Living. The centerpiece sectional sofa can have a chaise on the left or right. In front is a storage ottoman. An area rug ties these pieces together. Add accent chairs and ottomans and tie everything together with a rug. Go to town on the wall sconces and wall art to fit your mood. A rack can hold media, books and more. When you’re finished, give your custom Showroom a unique name and look proudly over your work. RELATED: Zillow wants to make a cash offer to buy your house

Workspace Nook

Not everyone has an entire room dedicated to an office. Oftentimes a corner will do just fine. The Showroom has a simple and elegant layout to play with, called the Workspace Nook. Start with the desk — do you want drawers, multiple levels, rolling capability or simply something to prop up your workstation? If you’re not sure, keep scrolling down the list and you might get new ideas. You can get an armless leather chair or an infinitely adjustable carbon fiber gamer’s chair. Throw a square, round, or rectangular area rug underneath. You choose the pattern. Your floor lamp can be funky or clerical. Decorate your wall with framed artwork and one of many inspired clocks. RELATED: Check out this smart cuckoo clock you can pair with Alexa Keep the clutter down with a bookcase or bookshelf frame. It’s all up to you. The Showcase tool can be an inspiration or the first step to redecorating an entire room.