The Indian government has already blocked numerous websites with the help of Internet service Providers (ISP) but people do visit those blocked websites using various techniques like changing the IP Address or using VPN. Earlier if you ever opened any blocked site then the blank screen displays the message “This website/URL has been blocked under instructions of the Competent Government Authority or in compliance with the orders of Hon’ble Court” Now if you do visit any of the block sites you will get to see something like Earlier most websites were banned in India using DNS-filtering which was actually easy to bypass using any third-party DNS services. However, Government has taken help of big companies like Tata Communications and Airtel in order to attain their “Blocking” Goal. However, blocking illegal websites is a good step and the message seems threatening too. But it fails to provide any clarity on how it would be enforced. Internet users in India need to be careful while browsing the web and it’ll be better to stay away from blocked websites.