Recently, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo has announced yet another step in this direction: the Apex FullView smartphone concept has minimal edges and a retractable front camera. The front 8-megapixel camera is hidden inside the device and appears in 0.8 seconds to take pictures. According to The Verge, this mechanism is robust not to break easily. For those who do not take selfies, it can be interesting. The Apex FullView also does not have a traditional speaker for calls. With Screen SoundCasting technology, the entire screen acts as a loudspeaker, vibrating to transmit sound. You can even hear the connection without holding the device to your ear, but the audio quality is not great. The screen occupies almost 98% of the front. The edges have 1.8 mm on the top and sides, and only 4.3 mm on the bottom. The digital reader sits under the screen, not the rear, thanks to the “Half-Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanning” technology. Almost half the height of the screen becomes a digital reader: this means that you can pick up the smartphone simply by touching the screen with your finger and unlock it quickly, instead of aiming at a specific button. The well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo warns that Apex FullView is just a concept, and will not be released in the current format. However, it indicates the technologies that this and other manufacturers will adopt in the future.

For example, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo announced in December a smartphone prototype with digital reader under the screen. In January, it was released in China; this is the X20 Plus UD. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.