As earlier, we expected that the tech giant Apple would release this technology with the iPhone 8 or iPhone X after not being able Samsung to include it with the recent Galaxy S8, but an unexpected guest would have been ahead of them. In the Chinese social network Weibo analyst, Jiutang Pan has published a video where you can see how Vivo has integrated fingerprint sensor on the screen of a smartphone. This new Vivo phone would be launched in the next few months, which would soon advance to the new iPhone 8 that is expected from the month of October. In the video of the phone with the integrated fingerprint sensor on the screen, you can see how it is unlocked by using the thumb in just one second, can give access to the interface. It is not an easy technology to include in the phones, and that is why manufacturers have been spinning their integration in recent times, even relegating the sensor to the rear.

It seems that one of the biggest obsessions of 2017 was to get the fingerprint reader under the screen of any smartphone, without having to integrate a physical space on the front face for the sensor. The tech giant Apple never made it but it ended up creating Face ID, Samsung was supposed to show this technology with the Galaxy S9, but someone already went ahead. An extensive report by Android Authority traces the evolution of the latest revelation of the Synaptics company, who announced this week that it had managed to develop a reader capable of operating under the screen. However, the juicy part of the event was that these new components were already in the mass production phase, with five high-ranking manufacturers ready to integrate the toy into their future models. At the time it was speculated that these companies were Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo, but it turns out not, and a Chinese manufacturer will be the first to release this technology: Vivo. Everything is confirmed by a report from an analyst, named Patrick Moorhead, who published an article in Forbes about his experience testing this new kind of technology in a prototype of Vivo ready to be replicated in assembly lines. The name of the model of this smartphone is not known, but everything indicates that the company could then present it at CES 2019. It is not known if the South Korean giant Samsung is another of the participants, but it is practically a fact that they will not show this sensor on their smartphones event. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.