Vivo is positioning itself as one of the most innovative companies at the moment. After the fingerprint sensor under the screen and the retractable camera of the Vivo Nex S, it is time to discover how they intend to improve the sensors for facial recognition. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer, of course, Vivo has gone to work and has come to the conclusion that the best method will be the same as the fingerprint reader: place the facial scanner under the screen. The main issue is to compete with the Face ID of Apple without resorting to the same techniques as the other manufacturers. Among Vivo’s goals is to make a smaller sensor that takes up less space; a valid sensor for mobile payments; a sensor that detects the face at a greater distance than its rivals and in addition, is of higher quality. And all this, as indicated by the following filtered image, below the screen. If we take into account the background, it probably implies that it would only work on OLED screens.

Vivo is gaining a good name because it is betting on new technologies for the future in the medium and long term of the smartphone sector. All companies want to bet on devices without frames whose front is all screen, but most are satisfied with using a notch and do not bring anything new. Vivo is looking for new solutions to beat current problems, and its new innovative solutions can simply allow Vivo to earn a great name. It is not the only one, as recently we have seen how the Oppo Find X provided its own solution: a sliding panel that hides the sensors and cameras and that only opens to unlock the phone or take a picture, a process that performs at 0.5 seconds. Two different diets but that show authentic innovation on the part of the two Chinese firms, and it is necessary to remember that they are “brothers”, as both the company is owned by the BBK Electronics. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.