As revealed by the changelog of the upcoming v3.0 release, the VideoLAN team will be adding support for Google’s Chromecast to their popular media player.

Once Chromecast support is added to the app, VLC users will be able to directly stream music and movies from their smartphone or tablet to their TV. While it is clear that the VideoLAN team is adding Chromecast support to the Android version of the app, it is unclear if casting support is also coming to iOS, Windows and OSX versions of the app or not. The team has not yet confirmed as to when they plan on releasing VLC 3.0, but be rest assured that when it lands, the update will arrive with other major changes as well, including a reworked smooth streaming module, support for Daala, ARIB subtitles and more. Most of the popular media players on the Google Play Store like MX Player still lack Chromecast support, so VLC adding support for it will give it an edge over its competition. You can find the full changelog of VLC 3.0 here.