In this article, we’ll take a look at the revised plans and tariffs for Vodafone-Idea. You can also read about the new prices for Airtel and Jio in case you use those networks or even a comparison of all 3 with some frequently asked questions.

Vodafone-Idea New Tariffs and Plans

If there’s one thing to appreciate about Vodafone, it has to be the fact that they clearly mention the FUP of calls alongside each package, unlike Airtel and Jio who have tucked it somewhere deep. The prices, however, are on the slightly expensive side, similar to that of Airtel.

Beginning with top-up vouchers, the minimum recharge amount has now been increased to Rs. 49 which will give you Rs. 38 talk-time with 28 days validity and your calls will be charged at 2.5 paise per minute. You will also get 100MB of 4G data. There’s also an option for a recharge of Rs. 79 which offers Rs. 64 talk-time along with 200MB data. Calls will be charged at 1 paisa/minute and the plan will be valid for 28 days. You can recharge for these plans if you run out of FUP on the all-in-one plans. Moving to unlimited packs, the base package with 28 days of validity starts from Rs. 149 and will offer 2GB of total data with unlimited calls within the network and 1000 minutes of off-net calls. If you want more data, you can opt for Rs. 249 plan which will offer 1.5GB of mobile data every day along with the same calling benefits. There are more expensive plans too for higher data caps. For the more popular 3-month validity packs with unlimited data, the tariff is Rs. 599 for 1.5GB of 4G data per day and unlimited calls with a FUP of 3000 minutes for off-net calls, which might seem quite generous based on how many calls you make. If you want higher data, the 2GB per day plan is Rs. 100 more at Rs. 699and offers the same calling benefits. All the above-mentioned plans offer 100 SMS messages per day. If you’re interested in the annual pack, at Rs. 2399, you get 1.5GB 4G data per day with 12000 minutes of FUP on calls. The prices as you can see on the list are quite high and are similar to what Airtel has to offer. In case you do not make a lot of calls, you can switch to Jio for cheaper internet tariffs.